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Since the establishment of the company, we have been adhering to the core values of customer achievement, ultimate service, seeking truth from facts and open sharing. We have successively provided customized industry solutions for new retail, consumer finance, cross-border and other industries, and made positive contributions to industrial transformation and industrial transformation.

1.Support Multi-Card Transactions.
2.Fraud Detection.
3.Support 24x7.
4.Simplify Operations.

Cardholders use their favorite payment cards to make payments, including the major Visa, Mastercard, America Express, JCB and Discover, making it easy for cardholders to pay and giving cardholders more freedom in payment solutions.

Support multi-card transactions

With a payment platform that uses intelligent technology to detect fraud, you can help protect your business from fraudulent transactions through real-time intelligent identification of Paybill.asia and a rich blacklist library.

Fraud detection

Please visit our support center for frequently asked questions. Our award-winning support team will also be here around the clock (24x7) to serve you and help you resolve related doubts.

Support 24x7

Our merchant backend has complete data statistics and management dashboard functions, which can help your operations be more organized. They provide you with reports and analysis, dispute resolution solutions, and the integration of all content, helping to expand functionality.

Simplify operations

What We Are Doing

Safety and risk

Fraud identification

Paybill.asia conducts risk identification for each transaction, distinguishes the fraud of cardholders, and warns its customers about fraud information. With our information updates, customers can learn how to identify fraud and how to use Paybill.asia to make secure payments online.

PCI compliance level

Paybill.asia has passed the high-level PCI DSS compliance certificate. The platform can guarantee the security of customer data and prevent data from being stolen or destroyed.

3D verification

Paybill.asia has built-in compliance with the two-factor authentication provided by the issuer. With the change of security protocols, we can provide customers with 3D verification functions, starting from the source of fraudulent transactions, to control transaction risks.


What We Offer

Industry Solutions

With the development of social economy and science and technology, the electronics industry has seized the opportunity of development and achieved unprecedented development, becoming an important driving force for the development of the national economy. Electronic products have gradually become an indispensable part of people's daily lives.

As electronic products have the characteristics of fast update speed, diversified demand, and easy damage during transportation, merchants in this industry have been facing the risk of refusing to pay. Paybill.asia has been engaged in the electronics industry for a long time and has good experience in the problems in the industry. Through the blacklist database and intelligent identification system, possible fraudulent transactions can be greatly reduced. At the same time, Paybill.asia will actively communicate with customers and teach relevant Preventive knowledge, quickly resolve consumer questions.

In addition, we have established a complete appeal system to help businesses complain about abnormal transactions and reduce the risk of business losses.

The clothing industry has always been the most important industry in China's cross-border e-commerce. As online operating costs are significantly lower than offline physical stores, more and more offline clothing merchants are turning to online. However, due to the lack of online technology, online operations are difficult. Paybill.asia It also specially designed solutions for merchants in the apparel industry, assisting offline merchants to build online platforms, and at the same time providing merchants with strong website technical support and convenient payment docking interface, memorizing answers to merchants’ technical problems, and reducing merchants’ technical problems Trouble.

In recent years, China has become the world's most important producer and exporter of hardware products. The hardware industry has shown a diversified development, the number of merchants has grown rapidly, and the industry has become increasingly competitive. As a leader in the payment industry, we provide a convenient and secure payment system. Even if the site does not have its own technical staff, you can quickly install it through our guide, which can help businesses gain the upper hand in the fierce industry competition. At the same time, we have 24*7 customer service, which can solve business problems, feedback complaints from sellers anytime and anywhere, and help businesses become responsible brands.

Paybill.asia has built-in compliance with the two-factor authentication provided by the issuer. With the change of security protocols, we can provide customers with 3D verification functions, starting from the source of fraudulent transactions, to control transaction risks.

Answer & Questions

The login account has entered the wrong password more than 5 times, which has caused the account to be frozen, or if the login password is forgotten, please contact customer service to reset the password.

3D verification is a free service provided by credit card organizations for customers to make online purchases safely. That is, the online acquiring verification system between the card issuing bank, acquiring bank and merchant is completed to ensure the safe and normal conduct of transactions. When making online purchases, the cardholder must enter the personal password preset to open the account to prevent the credit card from being stolen, just like entering the password when using an automated teller machine. In addition, when the cardholder is registered for verification, a personal confirmation information needs to be set. Thereafter, every time an online payment is made, the cardholder can verify this personal confirmation information to ensure that the correct 3D verification service is being used. Cardholders can directly request the card issuing bank to add this service by phone, or log in to the card issuing bank's official website to set it up. This service is called Verified By Visa (VBV) in Visa card and MasterCard Secure Code (MSC) in MasterCard. In fact, it is a password/question verification provided for cardholders in the online shopping environment to ensure that the cardholders use the card themselves to avoid fraud. The credit card channel that uses 3D verification is called the 3D channel, which means that the customer needs to perform 3D verification when spending on the website. It may be a mobile phone verification code or other identity information reserved in the bank. If the verification fails, the payment fails.

Refer to Issuer---Check the card issuer-For specific reasons, customers need to check the card issuer

Unable To Route Transaction---Unable to make a normal transaction, customers are advised to contact the card issuing bank.

Pick Up Card---lost card transaction

Do Not Honour/Declined---No acceptance-Customers are advised to contact the card issuing bank to declare that the transaction is in person and request to release restrictions. Or change card payment

Pick Up Card, Special---lost card transaction

Request In Progress---The request is in progress, it is recommended to wait for the payment result or contact customer service for inquiry

Invalid Transaction---Invalid Transaction-For specific reasons, customers need to check with the card issuing bank or try again later

Invalid Dollar Amount---Invalid Dollar Amount-The transaction amount is invalid, customers are advised to change the card to pay

Invalid Card Number---Invalid Card Number-The card number entered is incorrect. Customers are advised to re-enter or change the card to pay

No such issuer---No such issuer-The card number entered is incorrect

Re-enter Last Transaction---The issuing bank recommends retrying

Lost Card---Report Lost Card-Report Lost Card Transaction

Stolen Card---stolen card-stolen card transaction

Insufficient Funds---Insufficient deposits-Insufficient funds, customers are advised to change cards to pay

CVV Validation Error--- CVV Validation Error-cvv input error

Log in to your online profile. If your transaction is in progress, you will see it on the "My Account" page with a link to "View All". If there is no ongoing transaction on your "My Account" page, please select "Transaction History".

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